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  • Common malfunctions and the treatment methods of belt conveyors

    a, the belt of the belt conveyor does not rotate. The drive pulley idling the belt slips and the belt won’t start after the motor started work. This failure is caused by insufficient belt tension, improper adjustment of the tension device, excessive belt length, heavy load starting, and excessiv...
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  • Daily maintenance of conveyor belt

    The daily maintenance of the belt is mainly the maintenance of the tension. The adjustment of the belt tension should be controlled by the load cell pressure gauge, or the conveyor belt should not slip on the sensor pulley. Belt deviation and abnormal wear are the main reasons for the shortened b...
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  • How to Improve the Transport Capacity of Belt Conveyors

    Select the appropriate belt width and speed Belt conveyor can meet the conveying capacity requirement of the system is mainly determined by the belt width and belt speed. The belt speed has a great influence on the belt width, weight, cost and work quality of the belt conveyor. Under the same tra...
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