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The development status of domestic belt conveyor technology

There are many varieties and types of belt conveyors manufactured in my country. During the “Eighth Five-Year Plan” period, the technical level of belt conveyors has been greatly improved through the implementation of the national one-stop “Fully-mechanized mining equipment with a daily output of 10,000 tons”. The key to using high-power and long-distance belt conveyors in underground coal mines Great progress has been made in technological research and development of new products. For example, a complete set of equipment for large inclination and long distance belt conveyor, high-yield and high-efficiency working face along the groove telescopic belt conveyor, etc. have filled the domestic gaps, and conducted theoretical research on the key technology of belt conveyor reduction and its main components. And product development, successfully developed a variety of soft start and brake devices and programmable electronic control devices with PLC as the core. The drive system adopts a variable speed hydraulic coupling and a planetary gear reducer.
At present, many domestic scientific research institutions are conducting research on belt conveyors, such as experimental research on the change of running resistance of rollers with belt speed, for the design and dynamic analysis of belt conveyors, and to analyze the guiding force and resistance of the turning part. Draw up the calculation method of the resistance of the conveyor belt in the turning section, use the discrete model to establish the dynamic equation of the system, and develop the dynamic analysis system of the flat turning belt conveyor; and on the basis of the longitudinal vibration theory and the lateral vibration theory of the belt conveyor, The dynamic design method of belt conveyor and the design decision support system combining this method and computer technology are proposed.

Post time: Sep-23-2021
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