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Pay attention to the following points when maintaining the roller

Conveyor roller is an important part of the belt conveyor. It has a large quantity,a large force and long pressure time. It needs to be maintained regularly to reduce unnecessary loss and extend the service life of the roller and the belt conveyor. 
Pay attention to the following points when performing maintenance on the idler:   
1.In the normal use of the idler, the collision to the idler should be minimized, and do not disassemble or assemble it at will..  
2.For the replacement of labyrinth seals, the original factory-designated accessories should be used, and they should be classified and loaded according to the requirements. They cannot be used chaotically, so as to prevent parts of different specifications from being assembled together and not working properly.  
3.When replacing the bearing, the cage of the bearing should be opened outwards, and a certain gap should be left after the bearing is installed into the idler roller so that it cannot be crushed.  
4.When resting, the idler can be removed to avoid deformation due to extended time of bearing pressure, which will affect the use effect.  
5.After the work is over, clean the roller with a special cleaning agent, and place the washed roller in a cool and ventilated place, and continue to use it after air-drying.  
6.Items such as protective film can be used to wrap the rollers that need to be temporarily stored to prevent contamination.047

Post time: Sep-01-2021
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