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How to Improve the Transport Capacity of Belt Conveyors

Select the appropriate belt width and speed
Belt conveyor can meet the conveying capacity requirement of the system is mainly determined by the belt width and belt speed. The belt speed has a great influence on the belt width, weight, cost and work quality of the belt conveyor. Under the same transmission capacity conditions, you can choose between larger belt width and low belt speed or smaller belt width and high belt speed. The following factors should be considered when selecting belt speed:
The character and process requirements of conveying materials

(1) For materials with small abrasiveness and small particles, such as coal, grains, sand, etc., a higher speed (generally 2 to 4 m/s) should be used.
(2) For materials that are abrasive, large, and afraid of breaking, such as large coal, large ore, coke, etc., a low speed (within 1.25-2m/s) should be adopted.
(3) For powdery materials or materials that are prone to dust such as large amounts of dust, in order to avoid dust flying, low speed (≤1.0m/s) should be adopted.
(4)Low speed (≤1.25m/s) should be adopted for cargo, rolling materials or places with high environmental sanitation requirements.

The layout and unloading method of belt conveyor
(1) For longer distance and horizontal belt conveyors, higher belt speeds can be selected.
(2) For belt conveyors with larger inclination angles or shorter conveying distances, the belt speed should be appropriately reduced.
(3) When the unloading trolley is used for unloading, because the actual inclination angle of the conveyor belt entering the unloading trolley is relatively large, the belt speed should not be too high, generally not exceeding 3.15m/s.
(4) When using a plow-shaped unloader for unloading, due to additional resistance and wear, the belt speed should not exceed 2.8m/s.
(5) The belt speed of the downward belt conveyor with a large inclination angle should not exceed 3.15m/s.

Post time: Jun-18-2021
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