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Daily maintenance of conveyor belt

The daily maintenance of the belt is mainly the maintenance of the tension. The adjustment of the belt tension should be controlled by the load cell pressure gauge, or the conveyor belt should not slip on the sensor pulley. Belt deviation and abnormal wear are the main reasons for the shortened belt life. In daily maintenance, the deviation of the belt conveyor should be corrected in time, and abnormal wear and tear should be avoided. Long-term deviation is easy to cause the tape edge to fuzz, crack or even longitudinally tear.

Daily maintenance of the belt cleaner
The pressure of the belt cleaner on the belt or roller surface is too tight or the gap is too large, which may cause damage to the belt or reduce the cleaning effect. In addition, in order to prevent the belt from splitting after the cleaner is damaged, the integrity of its parts is also a key observation object. It is found that the material has accumulated too much on the cleaner or the parts are incomplete, it should be shut down immediately for cleaning and replacement.

Daily maintenance of power plant
The reducer, motor and pulley bearing are the power supply devices of the belt conveyor. Electromechanical maintenance person should frequently observe the grease lubrication and heat generation of these parts. During the observation, if find that these equipment have oil leakage or lubricating oil penetration. Should check the reason in time and supplement the oil leakage and penetration parts; For equipment with abnormal heat generation, it should be shut down for maintenance in time to check the cause to avoid accidents.

Maintenance of electrical control and protection devices
The electrical control and protection device is the electrical equipment on the belt conveyor. For this type of equipment, the electromechanical maintenance person must strictly follow the relevant operating instructions to inspect and repair it. When the other parts of the belt conveyor are inspected and repaired, the electrical equipment must be protected to prevent Loss by mistake.

Post time: Jun-18-2021
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