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Conveyor belt handling, storage and use

Product hoisting: When using a crane to move the conveyor belt, it is best to use ropes and steel rods to hoist. First, pass a steel rod through the hole of the belt mandrel, and suspend the rope with the support rod on both ends of the steel rod to lift the belt. When hoisting, be careful not to damage the side of the rope. In the absence of steel rods and struts, a fabric rope with sufficient strength can also be hoisted through the mandrel hole. However, in the place where the rope and the belt are in contact, an object should be used to prevent the rope from strangling the belt edge. Do not insert the sling into the reel for lifting, or wind the rope on the reel for lifting, to prevent the reel from slipping off to one side. A forklift with sufficient load-bearing capacity can also be used for lifting, but the outer ring of the belt must not be damaged.
2 Transportation and storage During transportation and storage, be careful not to contact with acid, alkali, oil, water and other pollutants and keep away from heat sources; avoid long-term direct sunlight and rain and snow; do not squeeze during transportation and storage.
3 Use of the product
1). During use, it is strictly forbidden to connect belts of different types and specifications together.
2). Prevent folds and hard objects from being pressed during use. It should be used and kept in coiling.
3). The direction of transporting materials and the falling speed of materials are consistent with the direction and speed of the belt.
4). Before using, generally start the machine empty to avoid overload of the motor and slippage of the conveyor belt. Before stopping, all the belt materials should be unloaded.
5). When in use, the tension should not be too large, and it should work under the minimum tension under the premise that the drive roller does not slip and the material is not transitioned.
6). Do not cause the belt to run off or snaking during transportation, it should be adjusted in time.
7). If slipping or unmoving occurs during use, troubleshoot the fault in time, adjust the tensioning system, and keep the tensioning device flexible.package of conveyor belt

Post time: Sep-01-2021
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