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Common malfunctions and the treatment methods of belt conveyors

a, the belt of the belt conveyor does not rotate.
The drive pulley idling the belt slips and the belt won’t start after the motor started work. This failure is caused by insufficient belt tension, improper adjustment of the tension device, excessive belt length, heavy load starting, and excessive coal accumulation at the tail of the belt.

b, the belt conveyor belt is off track.
The reason for the deviation is that the belt has lateral force during operation. The reasons for the lateral force are as follows: the conveyor is loaded on one side instead of being installed in the center; the installation axis of the roller and the roller is not the center of the conveyor belt. Vertical; the height of the wire rope of the machine body is inconsistent; the joint of the conveyor belt is not straight or straight; the position of the coal unloading drum is not adjusted properly; the tail drum and the guide drum are not adjusted properly, which can cause the belt to deviate.

c, the belt of the belt conveyor is easy to break.
This reason is caused by excessive belt tension, weak joints, poor quality belt buckles, long belt usage time, poor maintenance quality, etc. The method is to tighten the tensioning device, reduce the tension, and replace the new belt in time to strengthen maintenance quality.

d, the sound of the reducer of the belt conveyor is abnormal.
This kind of reason is caused by excessive wear of the bearings and gears, the excessive clearance or the loosening of the housing nail screws. The treatment method is to replace the bearings, adjust the clearance or replace the overall reducer for overhaul.

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Post time: Jun-18-2021
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