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  • Contrast the status quo of belt conveyors at domestic and abroad

    1. The status quo of foreign belt conveyor technology The rapid development of foreign belt conveyor technology is mainly manifested in two aspects: On the one hand, the function of the belt conveyor is diversified and the application range is expanded, such as high inclination belt conveyor, tub...
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  • Regulations for safe operation of Belt Conveyors

    1. When using a roller-driven belt conveyor for transportation, the following regulations should be observed: ① Flame-retardant conveyor belts must be used. The flame retardancy and antistatic properties of the non-metallic parts of the belt conveyor roller and the rubber material of the rubber-c...
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  • Belt conveyor roller specific classification, scope of application and how to maintain

    First, to the specific classification of conveyor idler shape, the first thing to say is 1, parallel idler group, parallel idler group has forward type idler, ordinary type idler, spiral type idler, comb type idler, steel rubber idler type and so on; 2, and then conveyor aligning roller, which ha...
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  • Accident analysis and prevention of belt conveyor

    At present, with the rapid development of open pit and shaft coal mine in China, the improvement of comprehensive mechanical automation, the increase of production capacity, belt conveyor plays a leading role in the coal mine production and transportation system, is an important tool for coal pro...
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  • How to prevent the conveyor belt from breaking

    When the belt conveyor is in use, it may encounter the problem of belt breakage, which will affect the normal operation of the conveyor. Here introduces a few tips to prevent the belt from breaking.    1. Pay attention to the source control of the transportation system, not let the hard and lo...
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  • How to prevent the belt conveyor from slipping

    The belt conveyor has a strong conveying capacity, but some improper operations in actual use will cause the belt to slip.   The main reasons for the belt slippage of the belt conveyor are: insufficient belt tension, water ingress on the belt surface, excessive belt load, damage to the drive dr...
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  • Mining Conveyor And Conveyor Roller

    The conveying rate of the ore conveyor is accurate and stable, which can ensure the synchronous transportation of the mining stone production line. The ore conveyor has a belt conveyor, a chain conveyor, and a new type of heavy belt chain conveyor. The difference between them is: chain conveyor T...
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  • Bulk Material Handling Conveying System Solutions

    As a supplier of material conveying system solutions, Hebei Juming Group is a high-tech enterprise with creativity and development in the Chinese conveying machinery market. The company relies on brand innovation, management innovation, and technological innovation to establish a scientific manag...
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  • Application of Belt Conveyor

    Belt conveyors are the most commonly used powered conveyors because they are the most versatile and the least expensive. Products are conveyed directly on the belt so both regular and irregular shaped objects, large or small, light and heavy, can be transported successfully. It’s usually us...
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  • Conveyor roller idler trough idler roller set

    Belt conveyor idler is a general term for idlers, including various trough idlers, impact idlers, return idlers, etc. The specifications range from 89mm to 245,which can be selected and installed according to different belt conveyor models. At present, it includes iron rollers, ceramic rollers, r...
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  • Conveyor roller idler Bulk material handling

    With the continuous development of coal, electric power, ports, metallurgy and other industries, the application range of belt conveyors continues to expand, and the amount of use increases year by year, and it is developing in the direction of large transportation volume, long distance and high ...
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  • Features of belt conveyor

    The belt conveyor is a conveying machine that uses belts, steel belts, steel fiber belts, plastic belts and chemical fiber belts as conveying materials and traction workpieces. Its characteristic is that the conveyor belt that carries the material is also the traction part that transmits the powe...
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